5 Essential Things to Remember When Moving!

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5 Essential Things to Remember When Moving!

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Moving day has arrived, and you are ready to move into your new home, but did you remember to do everything? The likely answer is, No. Moving is already a stressful time, and remembering to do everything can be tricky, even with a checklist. Below, Moving Pros gives you 5 essential things to remember when moving!

Reserve an Elevator

If you are moving into a busy apartment complex or high rise, you will need an elevator to move your items. Many apartments have several elevators, and you will need to reserve one for your move in. Moving can take a while, but if you have to wait for the elevator to become free constantly, you will become frustrated and spend a lot of unnecessary time waiting. It is best to ask if you can reserve an elevator for a certain amount of time on your moving day. It will make your move a lot faster.

Ensure You Have Adequate Parking

Surprisingly, many people forget about moving truck parking. You will need to make a reservation for your moving truck if you live in a busy apartment. You want to ensure you have a spot for the moving truck at both locations. If you don’t, moving can take a lot longer and end up costing you more money.

Label Boxes

Labeling your boxes is essential. It would help if you labeled each box to correspond to the room it belongs to. This will make your moving and unpacking a lot less stressful. It will also help the movers to know where to put your boxes, instead of stacking them in one room.

Remove Items from Drawers

Removing items from your dresser drawers should be a no-brainer, but many forget about this. Your dresser is already large and heavy, but when you add the weight of full dresser drawers, it becomes an issue. Remove your items so that they are safe and that your dresser isn’t too heavy to move. Doing it during your move will only slow down the process and leave everyone frustrated.

Turn Your Electricity On!

Remember to turn on your electricity! You never want to move into a home without power. It is not only hard, but it makes it no fun to unpack in the dark. You also want a warm or cold home depending on the weather during your move. Make sure you call them weeks ahead to ensure your electricity is on the day of your move!

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