6 Moving Complications and How To Avoid Them

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How to Pack Your Shoes Ahead of the Big Move
packing supplies
How to Pack Your Shoes Ahead of the Big Move
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6 Moving Complications and How To Avoid Them

Moving large furniture

Moving can be stressful, as safe and efficient transportation of goods requires careful planning and execution. However, despite best efforts, unforeseen complications can hamper your move, making the process difficult and hazardous. They can result in catastrophic failure, especially if you’re moving valuable goods. 

Here we give you a low-down on the six common complications that can occur during moving and how to tackle them.


Even if you are well-prepared for the move, mother nature can put a damper on your plans at any stage of the process. Heavy snowfall, strong winds, and storms can stop you in your tracks. The best way to deal with such situations is to hire professionals who use weatherproof materials and safe practices to protect your belongings.

Accidents and injuries

There is always a chance that someone gets injured during the packaging and moving process. Some of the most common injuries include tripping over boxes and walking over sharp objects. You can avoid such injuries to a great extent by removing all the unnecessary items out of the way and creating enough space for everyone to move around safely. 

Incompetent moving companies

Your moving company plays a crucial role in the failure or success of your move. A bad moving company can cause complications like damaged goods, scams, and inadequate documentation. Choose your moving company with great care by checking their track record and credentials.

Insufficient packing supplies

During a DIY move, sometimes you may run out of packing supplies, which may require you to make multiple trips to the local utility store. It’s not an efficient way to prepare for moving. The best solution is to hire professionals, as they can accurately estimate how much packaging material is required for your move. They often also carry a surplus to meet any unexpected needs.

Loss of essential documents and items

There is always the risk of losing essential documents like birth certificates, passports, and other financial paperwork during a move. To avoid such complications, move the important papers to a secure location like a self-storage unit in advance. If you want to keep them on your person, make sure you carry them around securely and responsibly. 

Large furniture

Sometimes, during a move, the furniture may be too large to fit through a door. It can be problematic, as you may have to dismantle it, which takes time and effort. To avoid such complications, measure all entrances beforehand and match them with your furniture. 

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