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5 Winter Moving Tips
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Moving Large Items


Do you own a large item that you are unsure about how to move? Some items were meant to be moved without taking them apart. Pianos, arcade machines, and even gun safes are moved as one unit, but how do you move such a large or heavy item? Moving Pros, your Kansas City local moving company has the proper equipment and trucks to move the largest of items from your home or office. Transporting large items can be dangerous if done by someone who doesn’t have the proper knowledge. Luckily, Moving Pros is here for all of your large item moving needs.

Piano Moving

Pianos are delicate and can be damaged with one false move. Moving a piano without the proper equipment can turn into a disaster. Pianos should only be moved by licensed piano movers in Kansas City. You not only have to worry about the piano itself, but also the keys. Piano keys can easily be damaged if the piano is shifted the wrong way or hit.

Heavy Items

Some items are just too heavy to move with a regular dolly. Some items are too large to move easily. If this is the case, you should hire a professional moving company in Olathe, KS such as Moving Pros. With the proper equipment, moving protection, and truck, your heavy items can easily be moved.

Moving Large Items Within the Home

What happens when you need to move a large item within your home? Do you call your friends or a neighbor and hope for the best? The best answer is NO. You should never try to move large or awkward items within your home. You can end up scuffing your floor, damaging the items, or injuring yourself. This can all be avoided with a simple call to Kansas City local moving company.

Moving large or awkward items is done every day by the Moving Pros. We use only the best moving equipment available and we are all trained on how to move large items. We take special care to ensure your items are not damaged, nor your floor. We treat each item as if it were our own. Moving large items is more affordable than you think! For a free estimate, give us a call!

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