5 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving Furniture

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving Furniture

Wrapping Furniture

Moving can be an exhausting experience. The disassembling, packing, heavy lifting, and reassembling while exercising maximum caution to protect furniture and other fragile items can be strenuous and time-consuming.   

A lot of legwork is required for it, which should start several days or weeks before you finally move. All the while, you must focus on ensuring that all your heavy premium items reach damage-free to your new home. There is nothing as disappointing as seeing your upholstery wrenched, furniture chiseled or clipped, paintings cracked, or glass items broken. 

Therefore, here we list five factors that you should keep in mind to protect your furniture from potential damage when moving it to your new home

Measure the doorways and hallways

Large furniture can’t fit through narrow hallways and corridors. Also, it’s not meant for apartments with short doors and low ceilings. So, measure the stairways, hallways, and entries in your new house and take apart the furniture that can’t fit through them. Disassemble the large pieces for effortless movement and to prevent any damage while navigating through narrow turns.

Disassemble your furniture in advance

Disassembling furniture takes time, so start with it a few days before the actual move. Remove simple items like pillow covers and mattresses first, and then disassemble your furniture. It includes taking apart tabletops, furniture legs, shelves, and bed frames. 

Take pictures before and after dismantling the items so you can reassemble them exactly how they were. Place all the nuts, bolts, and other small pieces in separate packets and label them properly to prevent them from getting lost. It would be difficult to reassemble your furniture without these small essentials. 

Wrap it up properly

Buy all the necessary packing supplies like tapes, plastic bags, bubble wrap, sofa covers, and cardboard sheets to wrap everything. Use bubble wrap and blankets to protect any delicate wooden or glass furniture. Place cardboard sheets between wooden pieces to protect them from probable scratches during the move. Also, use furniture gliders or dollies to protect the floors against scuff marks.

Prepare a placement plan

Have a pre-decided place for every piece of furniture at your new location. It will save you time and a lot of effort. A placement plan will also help you fit the furniture in the best viable position, leaving enough space for movement while complementing your interior’s aesthetics. 

With a preset location for each item, you can place every piece of furniture directly from the truck to that room, making it easier for the delivery professionals and you to reassemble and set everything.

Hire professionals

Moving and re-arranging all your stuff at your new house can be too much work. Most of us hardly have that kind of time, energy, or resources. So, it is always a good idea to hire professional help. They will take care of everything related to moving, packing, transit, and reassembling and also help you with your placement plan.

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