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Top 5 Office Relocation Tips

Moving an office can be challenging for any company. If not appropriately planned, it can get chaotic and hamper your productivity. During commercial relocation, many things can go wrong despite proper planning. It could be because of lousy weather, incorrectly estimating the move’s scale, an unforeseen emergency, data loss, damaged computers, or any other thing. 

Therefore, here we list five pro tips that you can use for smooth commercial relocation. 

Plan your move

To avoid unwanted situations:

  1. Plan your moving way before the actual moving day.
  2. Organize and strategize the activities for that day so that the actual move goes smoothly.
  3. Keep everyone in your company informed about the move, especially your employees, as they may have an emotional attachment to the old place and need more time to adjust.

By doing so, you can ensure that everyone plans their work accordingly.

Use good-quality packing supplies

Moving your business requires attention to the minutest details, such as the quality of your packing supplies. Ensure that you have the best quality packing supplies such as packing tapes, zip-lock bags, pencils, markers, and bubble wrap. All of it together will help provide your office items an extra layer of protection during the move.

Label everything

You need to organize well for a smooth move. Labeling ensures that you don’t mix fragile items with others; it also makes sorting through items easier at the new location. 

Derive a labeling system that your moving company can easily understand. Count the number of boxes and add a brief description of their contents on the label. You can also write workstation numbers, so every employee knows where their items are. Labeling will also significantly reduce the chaos during unpacking.

Take care of electronics and furniture

Packing electronic items such as computers, CCTV cameras, hard drives, and printers can be tedious. But you need to take all precautions while doing it as they contain valuable data that your business can’t risk losing. Take a backup on a cloud server before moving your hard drive and other gadgets with essential information. As for the furniture, dismantle it before you pack to reduce the risk of damage, save space, and facilitate more comfortable transportation.

Get insurance coverage

No matter how many precautions you and the moving company may take, accidents can still happen, leading to unforeseen complications. Therefore, always get your stuff and the truck you are renting insured. Hire professional movers to make your commercial moving swift, safe, and manageable. An expert and reliable moving company will take care of everything, helping you get back to work as soon as possible.

About Moving Pros LLC

If you are looking for professional movers to take care of your commercial moving, call Moving Pros LLC today. We will make sure all your office items reach the new location safely. You can call us at 16988 7601 to know more. You can also fill our online contact form to get in touch.

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