College Bound – What Should You Pack?

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College Bound – What Should You Pack?

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Going off to college can be one of the most exciting and scary times of your life. You are finally an adult and ready to be off on your own at college, but what do you need to pack? Luckily, you will most likely have your family to help you decide on your move, and you will have a home to come back to once the semester is over. Moving Pros has seen a lot of moves and college moving day is always exciting. Below we will discuss some tips to help you on your move day!

Listen to Family

Your family has most likely moved a time or two. They know what it is like and will be able to help you. Unless you are moving entirely out of your parent’s house, you will have a place to come back to. You won’t need to pack all of your belongings to college.

Look Over the Checklist from your Dorm or Student Housing

Dorms and student housing often times have strict guidelines on what you can bring. It is essential to look over the rules and regulations before you decide on what to pack. You may end up packing items you cant use. Once you look over the checklists for your dorm or student housing, begin to make your own lists of things you need and want to bring.

Make a List

Making a list can be very helpful for any move, but especially a college move. Will you be buying a new bed, rug, and other items when you arrive at college, or will you be taking the ones you currently have at home? If you are buying new items, then you will not need to worry about that part of your packing. You will need to focus on your clothes, personal items, and items you just can’t live without. You will want to make a list of things you normally wouldn’t think of needing. These are the item you will forget to pack.

Moving Day Bag

A moving day bag is a must. This bag should contain your student housing or dorm forms. It should also have important items like keys, medications, your wallet, and important documents that you may need the day you arrive. This bag will make your moving day easier, as everything you need will be in one spot!

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