How to Pack Your Shoes Ahead of the Big Move

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How to Pack Your Shoes Ahead of the Big Move

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Footwear completes every wardrobe; most of us spend years and a fortune collecting our favorite sneakers and shoes. If you have a cherished shoe collection, you wouldn’t want to leave it behind when moving to a new home.

Your footwear can get easily damaged during the move. To prevent that from happening, we have created a definitive guide; it will help keep your precious shoes in the best condition during the move.

Purge your collection

Start by getting rid of the older pair of shoes that you no longer wear regularly. You can also donate to charity or send them for recycling.

Gather packing supplies

An excellent way to ensure your footwear’s safety during a move is to pack them properly. And to do that, you will need packing supplies like old shoe boxes, paper, moving containers, packing tape, and markers.

Categorize your shoes

Categorize your shoes into various groups like casual, party wear, formal, and more. It may take some time but will help you pack your boots efficiently while keeping them safe. 

Clean and dry them

Packing away dirty shoes full of debris can cause them severe damage. Moisture and dirt can lead to mold build-up, which can be very hard to get rid of.  Therefore, make sure that you clean and dry them thoroughly beforehand. 

Stuff them with paper

You may have noticed that new shoes come with paper stuffed inside them. It helps to maintain their shape and avoid creases in the upper. You should stuff crumpled paper or socks in your shoes before packing them. Don’t forget to wrap them in plastic bags on the outside as well. Another tip is to pack the sleek ones in their original shoe boxes for better protection. 

Put the heavy ones at the bottom

When packing your shoes in a large container, make sure that you place the heavier ones at the bottom. Also, add a layer of paper in between to protect them against frictional damage. Also, remember to position the lighter ones at the top of heavier ones.  Be careful never overload your boxes.

Tips for the moving day

Set aside a comfortable pair of shoes that you wear on the day of moving. Make sure you chose shoes with a closed-toe to protect yourself against stubbed toes. Waterproof shoes are great for rainy weather. When placing the shoe boxes in the loading truck, make sure that you put the heavier packages at the bottom and lighter ones on the top. Labeling the boxes will help you keep track of your shoes during unpacking.

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