Keeping your New Home Clean During a Winter Move

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Keeping your New Home Clean During a Winter Move

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Moving during winter Weather is never a fun time, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. There is still ice and snow on the ground, and the temps are a bit chilly, but what can you do to ensure your new home stays clean during your move? Tracking snow and ice into your new home can destroy your carpets, stairs, and even tile. Moving Pros has some tips to keep your new home clean during a winter move.

Know Your New Homes Layout

Knowing the layout of your new home can save you a lot of clean up later on. Know where your doors are and how the rooms connect. This will help you plan your move and ensure your carpets and floors do not get destroyed while moving your items in.

Have Your Electricity Turned On

Moving can be miserable when it is cold but having no heat in your new home can make it even worse. Having no lights or heat can make your move difficult and cause dirt to enter your home because you of not being able to see. With shorter days, you may be moving while it is dark. This is impossible if you do not have electricity.

Plan Extra Time

If you try to rush your move, you are guaranteed to make mistakes. These mistakes could be snow or ice tracked into your home or damaged items all over your floor. Plan a little extra time to ensure your move is successful and that your new home stays clean.

Hire Professional Mover

Hiring professional movers is a lifesaver. They not only know how to move in a safe manner, but they also have the equipment to ensure they don’t track ice, snow, or dirt into your new home. Professional movers move in the snow all winter long, and they have some tips and tricks to ensure your home stays clean throughout your move.

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