Moving Large Items – Let The Moving Pros Help!

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Moving Large Items – Let The Moving Pros Help!

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Moving large or oddly shaped items can be a huge hassle. Large items can be extremely difficult to move, especially if you are not trained to do so. You can end up in the emergency room from trying to move a large item. You can also end up with a broken item because it was too difficult to move. What should you do if you need to move a large or oddly shaped item? We suggest you call the Moving Pros, well, because we are Pros at it! Below we will discuss some different items and why you should call us to move them.


We get a lot of questions about moving pianos. Pianos can be easily damaged if not handled properly. If you have no clue as to how to move a piano, it is best to call a moving professional who has experience in moving them. The Moving Pros has the equipment and knowledge to move large pianos safely and with ease. Choose us as your piano movers in Kansas City.

Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment is usually heavy and very oddly shaped. This can present a challenge for moving. Without the proper safety equipment and knowledge, you should never try to move exercise equipment from one location to another.

Office Equipment

Office equipment has grown in size over the years. A standard desk can be very heavy and bulky. If you are not a professional mover don’t try to move items from one office space to another, it can cause a lot of stress and injuries.


Appliances are one of the most common items we are asked to move. Appliances come with their own set of problems. No two appliances are the same size. They are also bulky, shaped weird, and heavy. How do you safely move appliances? Our team has different types of equipment that locks to ensure your appliance arrive at their destination in one piece.


Televisions have grown thinner, but they are bigger than they ever have been. If you are attempting to move a large television, you may want to contact a professional mover. You risk injury and breaking the screen on your television in the event you drop it. Televisions are heavy and shaped odd.
The above are just some larger items that you may need help moving. Moving Pros will move items within your property or to another location. If you have a heavy or oddly shaped item, it is a smart decision to check with a moving company, as they are insured and have the right equipment to move your larger items easily.

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