5 Ways to Deal with Things You Don’t Need

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5 Ways to Deal with Things You Don’t Need

Donate clothes

We collect a lot of things over the years. Some of them are valuable, required, and of great use, and some hold fond memories. However, some are utterly useless, but we still hold on to them because we don’t know what else to do with them.

Decluttering can help you make sense of everything you have and create room to store your stuff in an organized way. To declutter efficiently, you need to categorize all your belongings in one of the following groups:  

  • Indispensable: It includes everything you use daily. Clothing, cutleries, etc. You must also add the things that are of sentimental value to this group.
  • Valuable: Put in this batch all expensive things, like jewelry, old antiques, and family heirlooms. Some items may not have cost you much but are still precious—for example, your kid’s favorite toys, collectibles, book collection. Add them here too.
  • No longer needed: In this one, you must include all the things you no longer use—old CDs, clothing, furniture, utensils, and equipment.
  • Useless: Anything that’s broken, junk, or unusable fits here.

Once you have categorized everything, you can dispose of the stuff you don’t need in the following ways.

Throw away the trash

All the items you put in the useless category are of no value, and no one will buy them. Therefore, you must throw away such things in the trash or give them away for recycling. You’ll be surprised at the amount of space it will create in your rooms and closets.

Sell children’s clothing online

If you are holding on to your child’s old clothes because you don’t want to throw them away, sell them on websites like once upon a child. They act as an intermediary, giving interested people a platform to buy and sell children’s clothing.

Sell unwanted items on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is another fantastic platform where you can sell your unwanted belongings for quick money. Thanks to FB’s unparalleled reach, the process is easy, and most items get sold within a few days.

Drop your things at Goodwill

We all have heard about Goodwill, and sometimes we even shop there. If you wish to get rid of all the stuff you don’t use anymore, go to the nearest Goodwill store and drop it there.

Donate to your favorite charity

If you have things that can be used but don’t hold any value for you, donate them to your favorite charity. You may never know how useful they can be for someone in need. Put your stuff to good use.

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