5 Tips for Moving During Inclement Weather

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5 Tips for Moving During Inclement Weather

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Moving is already stressful but add in inclement weather, and you take it to a whole new level. Lucky for you, Moving Pros are pros at moving, and we have 5 tips to help get you through a bad weather move.

Protect Your Carpets and Floors

If you are moving during a rain or snowstorm, you will need to protect your carpets and floors. There are different ways you can do this, but the best approach is to cover the floor with a tarp or large mat. This will cover the area the movers will be walking back and forth on, loading and unloading.

Select the Proper Attire

Moving day is busy with a lot of movement. It is essential to dress for the occasion and the weather. If it is raining, you will want to bring a raincoat, a hat, and even boots. If it is snowing, wear enough to keep you warm. Being wet and cold will put a significant damper on your day. One rule of thumb is never to wear open-faced shoes while moving. You don’t want to start your new move off with a foot injury!

Be Ready for a Slower Move

If there is inclement weather, your move will be a little slower than usual. This is for the safety of everyone. Take the extra few minutes to ensure your items stay dry, and everyone remains safe.

Clear the Area for the Moving Truck

If it is snowing or raining, you will need to clear an area so that the moving truck can be as close to the door as possible. This will ensure none of your items get wet. It will also make a move a lot safer.

Keep Items Dry/Unpack Quickly

Bring towels! This is important, as some items may get wet when being transported from the moving truck into the home. You can use the towels to dry off any wet items quickly. If you have the time and people to do so, start unpacking as the boxes arrive. That way, if something is wet, it will not stay wet for long. Wet boxes can be a soggy mess.

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