Summer Moves – 5 Ways to Beat the Heat!

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Summer Moves – 5 Ways to Beat the Heat!

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Summer is the busiest time for moving. Most moves are planned during the Summer months because of the weather. While it may be hot, Summer is still better moving conditions than the Winter. Moving Pros has a few tricks and tips to help you beat the heat and have a successful move this Summer!

Plan Ahead

Planning is important, no matter the moving time. Summer is busy, and it is important to have your movers booked and your plan in place for moving day. You should create a checklist of all the things you need to do before moving day and tick them off as you finish. This will make your move less taxing and more successful.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Hiring a professional moving business is one of the best decisions you could make. Professional movers know how to pack and load your items on the truck. They also have all the supplies needed to make your move a lot easier. You will not have to worry about your furniture or heavy items getting damages, as they have the equipment to load and secure larger items. If you choose to let them pack your belongings, you won’t have to worry about packaging supplies or the timely process of packing. Professional movers are trained to pack in an organized and safe way, meaning they will ensure your items are packed properly and with minimal supplies.

Dress for the Weather

Summer can get warm, and you do not want to overheat. Dress for the weather! If it is hot out, wear shorts and a hat. Moving while comfortable will make moving day a lot easier. Ensure you are wearing closed toe shoes, as moving can be dangerous.

Provide Cold Drinks

Having cold drinks on hand is a lifesaver during a Summer move. It is hot, and you can easily get dehydrated while moving. Take breaks and drink plenty of liquids during your moving day!

Turn Electricity on in New Home

A lot of people forget to turn the electricity on in their new home. This can make for a miserable moving day. While no lights can be tough, having no air conditioning is even more miserable. Having air conditioning during your move and after will make for a better moving day and night!

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