Essential Factors that Could Hinder Your Moving Process

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Essential Factors that Could Hinder Your Moving Process

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Moving is always hectic and can be very stressful, because of this, there are several things that you could forget about. Moving Pros has some suggestions to ensure your moving is not hindered in any way. From changing your address to canceling home services, there is always something that will not cross your mind during the moving process.

Cancel and Transfer Home Services and Utilities

There are a lot of different home services that you may need to either cancel or transfer to your new address. This should be completed before your move to free up your moving day. Call your electric, water, and gas company and let them know the date you need it turned off. You will also need to contact your trash pickup, paper delivery service, lawn care provider, pest control, cable, and phone company. These are all services you may be able to transfer if you are moving nearby. Calling them ahead of time will make moving and adjusting into your new home more comfortable.

Change Your Address

Change Over your address at your local post office, as well as your employer. You will also need to change your address for different bills and services you usually receive at your old address. Your postal office will forward mail for up to a year, but it is best to change your address sooner rather than later.

Change Passwords to Smart Home Apps

Smart homes are all the rave these days, and many systems run through apps that require passwords. You must change the passwords and access so that the new owners can easily access the systems and apps.

Schedule Your Movers in Advance

This may be a no-brainer, but many people try to schedule movers the week of their moves. This is a terrible idea, as most quality movers are booked weeks in advance. When you know your moving date, reserve your movers to ensure your move goes smoothly.

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