Items To Dispose of Before Moving

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Items To Dispose of Before Moving

As you plan your moving day, it is crucial that you begin purging your home. While it is hard to get rid of certain items, it can really help you in the long run. Disposing of items you aren’t going to use anymore can allow packing and moving day to be a lot less stressful. Below we will discuss some items that you should think about disposing before moving day.

Items that you Have Not Used in a Long Time

If you haven’t used items for over a year, you may need to look into either selling, donating, and throwing them away. We all have those items that we just push to the back of the closet or ignore, instead of actually getting rid of them. Take the time to group items together that you want to sell, donate, or throw away. It will make packing easier. We promise.

Expired or Old Food

There is no reason to keep expired frozen food or old perishables. It is a lot easier to purge your freezer and cabinets of these as soon as possible. Most moving trucks do not allow frozen food or perishables, so you will eventually need to throw them away. Throwing these items away before your move will save you a lot of time.

Paint or Gas

Paint and gas are not allowed to be packed on moving trucks. It is dangerous and can cause damages to your items. Drain your lawnmower and other gas-powered appliances and give away any paint you may have. Doing so beforehand will ensure moving day goes smoothly.

Appliances that are Broken

If you have broken appliances that you do not intend to fix, throw them away or sell them. Moving broken appliances to your new home will not only take up space, but it will clutter your new home. You want your move to be a fresh start. Take the time to go through and either sell or dispose of all broken appliances.

Above are a few tips to help you have a successful move. If you have any questions about items that are not allowed on moving trucks, contact your moving pros or check out one of our blogs. Preparing for your move can make moving day a lot less stressful!

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