The Definitive List of Moving Supplies

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The Definitive List of Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies

Cardboard boxes and packing tape — that’s what first pops up in our minds when we think about moving supplies. But there are several other things that you may need on or before your moving day. 

Some of these will protect your cargo from external impacts and blows, adverse weather, leakage, slippage, and shock load. Meanwhile, you will need the others for packing, sorting, tying, padding, labeling, disassembling, and assembling various items. Together, these supplies will help you a great deal in keeping your valuables safe and smoothing out the moving process. So, here we list all the essential moving supplies you may need to make your job easier.   

Packing boxes

Made of cardboard or plastic, they are available in various sizes. You need to buy them according to the number and the size of the items you need to pack.

Packing tapes

Mainly used for sealing your boxes, they act as an extra layer of protection for your belongings inside. Ensure that you buy high-quality adhesive tapes in large quantities, as you will need a lot more of them than you think.

Plastic wrap

Ideal for protecting your belongings from adverse weather, they are excellent for packing fragile items such as plates and cups that you don’t want to move and break during transit. You can also use them for things that can leak, such as oils and liquids.

Bubble cushioning

It acts as a protective padding to prevent expensive and fragile glass, ceramic, or porcelain items from breaking and cracking during the move.

Labels and markers

You can use them to label your boxes for easy sorting and unpacking. Self-adhesive sticker paper labels are a great option if you are using plastic bins, as markers fade quickly from the surface of plastic boxes.


Make a toolbox of essential tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers. Keep it handy when disassembling, packing, moving, and re-assembling your furniture.

Plastic bags

Keep small plastic bags handy for efficiently packing all the knick-knacks in one place, so you don’t forget or lose them in trying to tackle more significant and critical tasks.

Covers and blankets

Consider buying some furniture covers and blankets. They work as an extra layer of protection and effectively guard your delicate furniture against any mishaps during the move.


To prevent your cargo from slippage, you will need some lifting or cargo straps. You can use lightweight and flexible sling belts to tie and secure your boxes on the truck to ensure they don’t move about within the vehicle during transit.   

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