What to Expect of a Furniture Handling Agency

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What to Expect of a Furniture Handling Agency

Unloading Furniture

Moving furniture is arguably the most challenging aspect of relocation, primarily because modern designs are expensive and delicate and need proper handling and care. 

Since you can’t afford mistakes and inexperience when moving furniture, you must hire a furniture handling agency to do the job right. It won’t be cheap, but it will be convenient and safe because professional service providers have years of experience moving all sorts of furniture across varied locations.  

Several things can go wrong during transit, but experienced movers will preempt and avoid as many problems as possible, thanks to their expertise and extensive industry knowledge. Here we list six services you can expect from a professional furniture handling agency.

Arranging packing supplies

When you hire reliable movers, you don’t have to worry about sourcing packaging supplies like boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, etc. It isn’t easy to estimate the right quantities to buy without professional help. A moving agency has experience in handling such tasks and will take care of it.

Disassembling your furniture

Bulky and large furniture needs to be dismantled before you can pack it. Movers will do it with expertise so that no parts are damaged during the process, and it’s reassembled at the destination just as it was.   

Packing your furniture

Even though your furniture looks sturdy, some items like glass tabletops and wooden bed frames are delicate and prone to cracking and breaking if not dealt with carefully. An agency will pack and secure these things using the right packing supplies to ensure their safe transit.

Loading, transporting, and unloading

While loading the cargo into the truck, moving experts will ensure that the breakable items are arranged in proper order, and the boxes are tied with straps so they don’t move, slip or topple during transit. At the destination, they will do all the heavy lifting and unloading safely.


Unpacking after reaching the destination is as strenuous as packing the cargo. A moving agency will ensure that unpacking is done carefully and safely to help you arrange the furniture in a hassle-free manner.

Getting rid of the packing material

Cargo unboxing generates a lot of waste, such as cardboard boxes, plastic wraps, and foam peanuts. A moving agency will responsibly dispose of or send for recycling all the waste materials. Furniture handling agencies can help you can chalk out a complete plan for your move. Apart from furniture, they usually also handle other things as per demand and schedule.   

About Moving Pros LLC

If you are looking for a professional moving agency to transport your furniture, Moving Pros LLC should be your one-stop destination. The best moving service provider in Kansas and Missouri, we will ensure that every piece of your furniture is packed and safely moved to its destination. You can call us at 16988 7601 or fill our online contact form to get in touch.

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