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5 Winter Moving Tips

5 Winter Moving Tips

Moving during the winter is not ideal, however, sometimes there is no way around it. Winter moving comes with its own exclusive set of challenges. With the right preparations and precautions, your winter move is manageable. There are some tips and tricks to make winter moving a bit easier. Moving company in Olathe KS is happy to give you some of their best kept moving secrets to ensure your winter move goes off smooth and stress-free.

  • Find a Suitable Moving Company

Moving during the winter requires a special skill set. These months produce some rough conditions that can put you and your family in danger. While trying to transport items, you may lose your footing, slip, or become hypothermic. Your items could become broken or damaged from salt on your shoes or from an accidental slip on ice. These are just some of the problems that can occur during the winter. A certified moving company in Olathe, KS that regularly moves during the winter is your best bet. They know how to move safely and will help you make the right decisions about your items and your safety.

  • Snow Removal is Important

Make sure all snow is removed from the driveway, sidewalk, and walkways of both the old home and the new one you are moving in to. It is a lot easier to move items in a snow-cleared area. If the snow is not cleared, you could easily miss a step or not see a drop-off. This could lead to broken items or injured people.

  • Keep an Eye on the Weather

Winter weather can change in the blink of an eye. Keeping an eye on the weather is crucial. Snow or slush could turn to ice in no time. It also begins to get darker earlier. It is important to plan around the weather.

  • Dress Warm

Dressing warm should be a given. However, some people don’t consider wearing layers. It is important to layer up. If you begin to get hot, you can take a layer off. If you don’t wear enough warm clothes, you could end up freezing all day, which could be miserable and land you in the hospital. Make sure that you have a warm hat and gloves. Waterproof gloves are preferable.

  • Keep Hydrated Even in Winter

Dehydration is usually a major problem during the summer, but it can happen during the winter too. You may not notice that you are sweating, but with any strenuous activity, you will be. You should not only drink water but provide warm drinks for your moving crew. A warm drink is a perfect treat to boost your energy.

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